Known as "The Buzzer"
from 1974 Chico Blues Band Makin' Bakin' Posted on 05/06/2010 20h39

I like your music, would like to meet you the next time I visit my Cousin Les (of whom I think you know) . . . nowdays the Buzzer is a computer guy in Northern Virginia doing the full-time computer day job format.

John Tanks
Great music Posted on 21/12/2009 14h31

I saw your show in Paradise at the memorial concert for Noprton Buffalo. I must say I was impressed. You played all original tunes and they were all different in style and not repetetive. So many times I have been at blues shows where the music was too repetetive. Mt hat off to you for making your show very entertaining and presented with that much talent.

Dan Solari
Magalia Hillbillies- Harp Player Posted on 14/09/2008 03h29

Just went to the La Posada show in Paradise CA Great show! Lots of sound for a small venue, but it worked. The Norton/Lester/Littel jam there was wow!! Look forward to your next show. Dan

Great Posted on 16/09/2007 17h42

Hi Maurice, it's real great to listen to your music. I like your website very much :-) Your old friend Cordu from Sandhausen

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