About the Band

Big Mo has been performing and writing his music for over 30 years.
He moved to California from Germany in 1989 . He performed with success in Europe for 10 years before arriving here.
Then ended up in the Chico area and with his wife Robin raised his son Miles.
In the mid 90’s he got back to writing music and started forming the Full Moon Band.
In 2004 they won the prestigious Best Blues Band at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival and have not stopped since.
8 year Cammie Awards for Best Blues Band and many tours and Festivals later they have now released 3 Cd’s and keep sounding better.
 A fun mix of Blues, Southern Rock and Funk describes their sound best . You will also hear soulful ballads and jam music. The current Full Moon Band members are:

Jeff Rosso toured many years with Charlie Musslewhite and is a true Bassist that creates the most solid grooves  . Eric Weber is a beloved skillful energetic Sax player with a contagious fun factor always on his side. Don Bowman on Saxophone and Flute makes the horn section (called "The Freight Train") complete with his years of experience and awesome playing. Aman Cowel on trumpet is a young and very talented player you must experience. Joshua Hegg pulls out all kinds of new dimensions for the sound on his keys and Steve Valine is a steadfast beautiful string bender on his pedal steel. Bruce McMillan on guitar and slide is an awesome inspirational player and jam musician who greatly expanded the Big Mo sound. Matt Franklin is the most skillfull sound engineer Big Mo could have ever found. All this combined with the ever changing styles of music written by Big Mo and performed by his great friends makes for a memorable evening of fun music.  

The sound
The bands sound is very soulful and powerful. Big Mo's voice draws from a deep vast pool of unmistaken blues feel. Big Mo's original tunes vary from straight blues to a Big Band Blues feel to Funk , Southern Rock ,Country and soulful ballads. A great variety of tunes that all have one common denominator "Feel from the stomach" as Mo calls it. Music from the stomach and the heart for all ages.